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We are very pleased to be the first on the market with our brand new remote controlled LED edge lit glass name plates. A Fresh new look on a very old product. Our soft glow LEDs are gentle on the eyes and will add aesthetics to any decor. It will always be the center of attention when a person views it for the first time. It grabs your attention not by choice and just pulls you in. A one of a kind design for a one of a kind you.

Here at Mirage we’ve always thought outside the box when ever you get a piece of glass engraved you have a choice (from a box) 3-5 or 10 fonts to choose from. Which doesn’t suit everybody’s style or taste. We believe in making a product that’s custom tailored to you and or your business and not just the choice (from a box).
So when Joe from Koppelman Graphics Design Studio came to us we created a design and used a vector font that fit his business needs and not just the choice (from the box).


From your name to full job title and virtually any company logo can be added into the design. We can even etch your very own personal signature.


The glass is 3’’ x 8” with a viewing area of 2.5” x 8’’ and can be upgraded up to 6’’ x 8’’ for those of you who desire a larger view.

Available in 3 styles
Positive etched font is etched in and background is clear
Negative etched background is etched and font is clear
Carved the font is carved from the back of the glass giving you a three dimensional font.

The Base


We here at Mirage are concerned about protecting our environment to. And we utilize reclaimed ancient timber for the foundation of our glass. Slow growth timber has a very tight attractive woodgrain pattern that is not found in today’s lumber. With approximately a 3’’ x 11’’ it has a very wide footprint with a heavy 3/8 piece of glass centered in it. It has a very low center of gravity making it virtually immune to tip over. The bottom is covered in felt so it will not Marr any surface.

Lighting Options

White LEDs no controls on or off only
Colored LEDs with remote


The base is powered by USB. The base is shipped out with a USB cable adapter to be powered by a computer or USB port of any kind. But can be powered by a wall plug. That can be purchased separately or, when you place an order.

The Remote

remote control functions

Preset color just press the button you want.

Programmable mode press one of the six programmable keys there are 55 incremental steps to each color. The easiest way to program. Press DIY # then press and hold the red down arrow button for approximately 15 seconds to shut off that color repeat green and blue the same way. Then slowly start mixing your colors in to produce the shade that you desire, then press the same DIY# program button and you’re done. A tip. Turn red all the way up. Turn green all the way down. Turn blue all the way down. Then slowly mix blue and that will produce rich pink, lavender, mauve and purple colors.

3 & 7 color fade will slowly fade between colors. 7 color fade will produce virtually every hue possible.

3 & 7 color jump will flash 3 or 7 colors at a time.

Flash mode blinks white from slow to strobe light.

Variable speed controls fade jump and flash modes.

Let us create a custom design that's taylored to you and your specific needs. We can utilize any font available with no limits to the imagination. If you have a specific font that you just can't live without. Send it to us and we will be happy to create that unique one-of-a-kind piece just for you. You satisfaction is our number one job.

We take great pride in hand making every aspect of our product. The wood arrives in rough form. We hand select each piece to produce the best graining pattern. The wood then passes through several router stations to create its unique profile then stained and finished. It then goes to our electronics department where we embed the LEDs, microcontrollers, infrared sensors and power supply connections. The glass is cut into blank forms, then ground flat on a lapidary wheel to produce the satin finished edging. The design is created on a computer and then applied to the glass where it is then off to the sandblasting booth. Everything is fully assembled and tested before being sent to you. And then meets my seal of approval.

Handmade in America with pride